Chameleon ZZ Plant. Free Guide 2023

Zamioculas Zamiifolia ‘Chameleon’

Chameleon ZZ Plants are herbaceous evergreen houseplant cum  beautiful plants having thick stems emerging with golden-yellow shade and gives a glossy green texture after the leaves mature.

These are toughened low-light and durable plants, which are popular and incredibly difficult to destroy. Chameleon ZZ plant grows faster and bigger within the bright environment.

Eventually, Chameleon develop as a floor plant with a 5 feet height or more whereas, ZZ plants grow relatively slow. In frost-free regions like South Florida, Chameleon plant is cultivated outside in a shaded deck.

Are Chameleon ZZ Plants hard to find?

Chameleon ZZ Plants are mostly available at big-box stores.

It is simple to locate these zz plants in plant stores and nurseries because they are mass-produced by Farms with a range of collections as it is the most durable home plant we can grow.

Origin of Chameleon ZZ Plant.

Chameleon ZZ Plant was generally originated in November 2017, by Michael Kerry Rimland in a plant nursery in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Chameleon ZZ Plant belongs to the Araceae’s family known by it’s young growth with a bright yellow color and changes to deep dark green with some variegation.

It’s distinctive characteristics are durable and reproduced in subsequent generations of asexual reproduction which was first carried out in January 2018.

Chameleon ZZ Plant

Chameleon ZZ Plant same as a variegated ZZ Plant.

The Chameleon ZZ Plant is not a real variegated ZZ plant, while some of its leaves may have some variation, which also has dark yellow and green leaves.

Accordingly, the variegation is metachromic which converts from yellow to ultimate green.

Names for Chameleon ZZ Plant.

Botonical names for Chameleon ZZ Plant are  Caladium zamiaefolium, Zamioculcas loddigesii and Z. lanceolata.

In 1829, Loddiges first set out the name, Caladium zamiifolium which was later changed to his own genus Zamioculcas and it’s present name, “Zamioculcas zamiifolia” was given by Adolf Engler.

Chameleon ZZ size and it’s growth rate.

When the Chameleon ZZ Plants are cultivated indoors, then they reach about a height of 3 feet because of slow and moderate rate of growing.

In this condition, it can ideally live for  about 30 years. However with an extra care, it can grow to be a floor plant that is 5 feet tall.

Taking Care of Chameleon ZZ Plants.

The Chameleon ZZ Plant thrives in both strong artificial light and direct or indirect sunshine where it may be placed in any well-lit region.

Around once in a week, if the surface of the soil gets dry then watering the plant is necessary. It actually grows in medium to dry soil and resists too much moisture.

Apart from that, watering, the care depends on quality of potting to drain well, wiping the glossy oval leaves to shine, an equitable liquid fertilizer to fertilize the plant during the  season and to be cautious as it is toxic for both humans and animals, if the plant is growing near children and pets.

Chameleon ZZ Plant

Watering the Chameleon ZZ Plant.

For every 12 days, the Chameleon ZZ Plant needs 0.8 cups of water if not directed to sunlight.

A substance called “Rhizomes” are found inside the soil which are bulb like structure. As Rhizomes have a unique feature of water-holding capacity, due to which plant can grow without excessive watering.

An electrical device, Moisture Meter which is relatively cheap and handy to use can be placed in the soil for a short period of time for moisture reading which ranges from 1 to 10. It helps us to notify watering the ZZ Plant when necessary.

If the soil is fully dry in the ZZ Plant then you should water for every two weeks during summer and even fewer in cold months. The Rhizomes which stays in standing water could rot, if there are no drainage holes in it.

Misting the ZZ Plant.

There is a misconception that misting a ZZ Plant might improve it’s growth and humidity levels, but it has proven that the wet foliage may attract diseases and pests.

However, to clean the foliage if needed then mist the plant during the daytime with lukewarm water to maintain its ideal humidity.

Planting Chameleon ZZ Plants outdoor.

Chameleon ZZ Plants can be kept outdoors during summer at a place which is mostly shaded where it can only receive the filtered sunlight as these plants survive relatively to a low light.  If directly exposed to sunlight, it may experience sunburn.

If there is a temperature drop by less than 50 degrees then it should be planted indoors. The best site for a Chameleon ZZ Plant to be placed is a covered patio or a porch.

Chameleon ZZ Plant

Lighting for a ZZ Plant.

Plants are sensitive to the sudden changes in the environment, so it’s better to relocate it gradually over a few days as opposed to all at once.

If the ZZ Plant is directly exposed to sunlight, then the plant discolor itself and the leaves changes from paler green to yellow and then red.

The leaves might affect with small burn spots. The ZZ Plant needs to be placed near a table or counter where there are windows to get some natural light to survive.

Soil & Potting of Chameleon ZZ Plant.

The ZZ Plants blooms in nutrient-rich and porous soil mixtures. For the potted plants, any bagged soil must be used and the container should have drainage holes to prevent it from waterlogged which results in root rot.

The ZZ Plant resist excessive wetness and prefers to grow in medium to dry soil. Perlite, which are tiny white balls in the soil should be present to create air spaces and aids to drainage.

Does Chameleon ZZ Plant enjoy being rooted to the ground?

No, if ZZ Plants get rooted to the ground, they will struggle to absorb water. Rather, transfer it to a container with a diameter of 1-2 inches larger along with some new soil.

In fact, no indoor plants should be kept in a pot that limits the root expansion and overall growth of the plants.

Repotting the ZZ Plant.

It is better to repot the ZZ Plant during summer or spring as it will be drowsing in winter. The wintertime stresses to have a negative impact on the plant.

ZZ Plant grows at a medium pace as it is easy to maintain it’s growth. Depending upon the growth of a plant, we can repot the ZZ Plant, every 2 – 3 years.

If the plant proliferates to all the environmental conditions then repotting is necessary for every two years. If not, the plant may last for three to four years in the same pot.

Does a moss pole needed for the Chameleon ZZ Plant?

As the ZZ Plants doesn’t grow on moss poles, we can stake them up with a straightforward bamboo stick if they are toppling over.

Propagation of Chameleon ZZ Plant.

Propagation of Chameleon ZZ Plant on commercial basis is prohibited. It’s better to  propagate for  personal use, such as to have at home or to gift to someone.

Step-by-Step Guide of Propagation:

Firstly, remove the plant from the pot without any damage to the roots. Then separate the plant in two or more branches by cutting through the rhizomes.

Each branch should have a healthy leaf and part of rhizomes. Now, plant each branch in a new pot with a bright and indirect light and lightly water it. Lastly, care should be taken as if a new plant is planted.

Fertilization of Chameleon ZZ Plant.

A balanced fertilizer with an equal ratio of  Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium (N-P-K) 10 10 10 or 20 20 20 can help the ZZ Plant or homeplants to develop leaf growth and stay healthy rather than feeding.

Spring to early Autumn is the best time to fertilize the Chameleon ZZ Plants as it grows actively on time and can use the fertilizer’s nutrients to their fullest. Plant’s growth slow down during winter months, so fertilizing is not necessary.

Are ZZ Plants harmful to pets?

Yes, ZZ Plants can be somewhat poisonous to animals. It has calcium oxalate crystals in the sap that could irritate the mouth and digestive tract and cause inflammation. Oral pain, drooling, vomiting, diarrhoea, and decreased appetite are a few signs of ZZ Plant poisoning in animals.

Why is propagation prohibited in Chameleon ZZ Plants?

Chameleon ZZ Plants cannot be propagated since it is covered by the plant patent laws. Propagation of Chameleon ZZ Plant on commercial basis is prohibited. It’s better to  propagate for  personal use, such as to have at home or to gift to someone.

Chameleon ZZ Plant — Is a money plant?

The Chameleon ZZ Plant assists in attracting the wealth, often named as “Money Magnet”. It basically applies to the material wealthand also suggests to improve in terms of luck in relationships & health. The ZZ Plant’s persistent nature also bind to it’s stability and longetivity. The growth and prosperity is also represented by it’s upward or lofty facing leaves.

Does Chameleon ZZ Plants outlines as a good luck?

In Feng Shui belief, occassionally Chameleon ZZ Plants are mentioned as the “Fortune Tree”,  are tagged as luck, growth and constancy. As a fact that, their upright leaves sparkle like gold coins which symbolizes to wealth, prosperity and good fortune.

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