Habrix Fabrix ACP Clading

Facades are notjustthe building'skin they are its face aswell. Beyond functional aspects, aesthetic consideration also playanimportantrole. Selecting optimal materialopensthe space for creative design without neglecting construction engineering needsinprocess. Habrix Fabrix opens up creative possibilities in market segment that far too often moves no further than the standards. It can be treated with a unique variety of designs, colorandquality. Alumunium has become an increasingly popular choice for faCade cladding in recent years alongside its low weight and outstanding mechanical characteristics, its most convincing aspect may well be the creative possibilities. Alumunium is light, easily shaped and can be colour coated and processedinvariousways.



• Ultra modern look and excellent flatness.

• Light weight.

• Sound insulation and pollution resistant. o Acid, alkali and salt spray resistant.

• Smooth paint finish and stability of flatness.

• Excellent UV characteristics.

• Resistant to blow and breakage.

• Minimizes vibration noise.

• Heat insulation

• Ease of installation and fabrication.

• Complex shapes possible.

• Easy maintenance.

• Superior flatness to other cladding products.

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Habrix Fabrix ACP Clading


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