Structural glass is increasingly being used to transform the look of buildings within our City centers. Structural glass is manufactured using a method that increases its strength by up to 7 times, allowing it to be strong enough to walk on safely for glass flooring, It is also possible to construct walls and ceilings using this material. A mixture of the latest technologies as well as beautifully high quality glass help to make our own product range resilient and breathtaking. The freedom that structural glass allows our designer is second to none as he will not need to worry about the restrictions associated with conventional aluminium

STRUCTURAL GLAZING 12mm Toughened Glass


STRUCTURAL GLAZING 12mm Toughened Glass

Office Blocks Intallations

Glass Walk On Flooring

Glass Walls

Sliding Glass walls

Glass Extension Rooms


Glass Pods


Internal Glass Partitions

Glass Canopies


Lift Shafts

Roof Or Atrium Types Structures

Glass Support Beams

Shower Cubicles

North Light Glazing

STRUCTURAL GLAZING 12mm Toughened Glass
STRUCTURAL GLAZING 12mm Toughened Glass

12mm Toughened Glass Shop Front

Spider Glazing

STRUCTURAL GLAZING 12mm Toughened Glass
Aluminium partitions are used for creating office area and having privacy for works, aluminium partitions can be done in full glass, full partitions or composite sheets with plain aluminium or powder coated or colour anodized section to suite budget and interior of office or showrooms.

We Deal in all Alumunium WORKS

Office Partitions, Sliding Windows, Open Able Windows, Sliding Doors, Open Able Doors, Ventilators & Louvers.
STRUCTURAL GLAZING 12mm Toughened Glass

Shera Board Panels


There is a number of the reasons why more people are considering our aluminium framing systems as the environmentally sustainable choice for their next project:

Increased Energy Efficiency

The bulk of heat gain or loss occurs though the glazing system. The most efficient way to reduce this gain or loss is achieved by optimizing solar heat gain and incorporating double glazing in the aluminium window and door systems.


Aluminium is 100% recyclable. our framing systems are manufactured with 100% first grade aluminium, at the end of the building's life 100% of this aluminium can be recycled for other uses, without compromising any quality.

No Deforestation

Aluminium is originally sourced as bauxite, a significant worldwide resource representing 8% of the Earth's crust. Bauxite deposits by their nature, location and geological formation are such that minimal or no deforestation is required in its extraction, minimizing the environmental footprint.

Built to Last

Whilst every glazing system will eventually need to be replaced, aluminium window and door systems last decades longer than wood and vinyl windows. An aluminium window, door or framing system from we provide a better long term return on your investment.

Less Toxic Waste

Aluminium in the event of a fire, heaven forbid, will not release toxic gases into the Earth's atmosphere. By having your window or door system painted or anodized, any future toxic waste generation is avoided as no further treatments other than minimal maintenance and care is required.