Types of Glass

Types of Glass

In this article, we will briefly discuss the different types of glasses used in construction.

But, before that, we will talk about what exactly is glass.

Glass happens to be a hard substance that can be transparent or translucent.

Another notable property of glass is that it is brittle.

Brittleness implies that it will be possible for glass to break easily in case there is a sudden impact.

What is the making process of glass?

It is possible to create glass with the help of the fusion process in which case sand is blended with lime soda as well as other admixtures. This mixture will be able to create glass once it becomes cold.

The maximum usage of glass happens to be for architectural and construction purposes.

According to the construction of glass, it will be possible to categorize glass into 5 types.

•          Float glass

•          Shatterproof glass

•          Laminated glass

•          Toughened glass

•          Chromatic glass

Types of glass

1. Float glass

This type of glass is manufactured with the help of calcium silicate and sodium silicate.

For this reason, we also call this glass soda-lime glass.

Float glass causes glare since it is clear and flat. The thickness of this type of glass is between 2 mm and 20 mm and its weight is somewhere between 6 and 36 kg/sq. m. Float glass is usually used for making windows and in shops, public places, etc.

2. Shatterproof glass

This type of glass happens to be laminated glass which is formed by attaching polyvinyl or resin.

While making shatterproof glass, we add a sort of plastic polyvinyl butyral which prevents the formation of sharp edges even though the glass might break.

Shatterproof glass is usually used in windows, skylights, and floors.

3. Laminated glass

This one is a safety glass type that has been formed by combining different layers of ordinary glass.

For this reason, the weight of laminated glass is more compared to the weight of normal glass.

Its thickness is likewise more and it is sound-proof as well as UV-proof.

Laminated glass is used in making skylights, automobile windows, and window seals.

Its use can be seen in exterior storefronts, curtain walls, and windows.

4. Toughened or tempered glass

This type of glass happens to be a type of safety glass whose strength is increased with the help of thermal or chemical treatments.

The durability of toughened glass is more and it is 6 times stronger compared to normal glass.

When it breaks, it usually breaks in small rounded edge pieces which reduces the possibility of sustaining severe injuries.

On the other hand, when normal annealing glass breaks, it produces sharp edges which will be capable of damaging the skin when coming in contact.

The usage of tempered glass can be seen in fire-restriction doors and mobile screen protection purposes.

5. Chromatic glass

This type of glass has been designed to control transparency which helps to safeguard the interior from daylight.

It is possible for chromatic glass to be photo chromatic which can be thermo chromatic glass.

ICU and meeting rooms utilize chromatic glass.

Types of Glass

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