What is ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel)

What is ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel)

It is a fact that ACP sheets are turning out to be the premium choice of urban planners and architects at present.

Let us find out the different types of ACP Sheets available right now.

ACP Sheet Types

•          3mm ACP Sheet – Aluminum Composite Panels having a thickness of 3 mm happen to be the most versatile in terms of cladding. This kind of thickness provides longevity and durability which will be ideal for interior and exterior applications.

•          4mm ACP Sheet – These types of ACP sheets are endowed with a thickness of 4 mm which is suitable for several use cases, including internal as well as external applications. It is also possible to make complicated shapes with the help of these sheets, thanks to their bendability and flexibility.

•          6mm ACP Sheet – It is a fact that the functionality of these types of sheets will be even more because of their increment in thickness. These sheets are appropriate for exterior claddings because of their power of longevity and enhanced thickness. Apart from being water-resistant, these are also able to endure extreme temperatures.

•          Fire Retardant ACP Sheet – The primary objective of these types of ACP sheets happens to be the fact that these are able to withstand urban fire disasters.

ACP sheet full form

The full form of the ACP sheet is Aluminium Composite Panels sheet.

Types of ACP sheets

•          Metallic finish – Metallic ACP panels are responsible for bringing rich visuals to life and importing vivid impressions. It is possible to provide these types of sheets with a distinctive aesthetic-rich appearance due to the top-quality shine finish and color material. Apart from being used in external applications, these types of sheets are likewise used in internal applications.

•          Solid colours – These types of sheets will be appropriate for you in case you want simple exterior sheets with no bubbles, and with good flatness, strong weather resistance, discoloration resistance, as well as antibacterial properties. Moreover, these types of sheets are available in different sizes and thicknesses according to your preferences.

•          Wood finish – Wooden ACP Sheets are made from 100% recyclable aluminum coils which provide them with the feel and appearance of natural wood. These types of sheet designs are known to provide the awesome beauty of pine, teak, walnut, and so on.

•          Marble – Marble finish ACP Sheets are a combination of the spirit of nature and remarkable color coating techniques which provides it with a fantastic shine and appearance. This will be appropriate for long-term usage since the stone color finishing of these panels will not fade easily.

•          Sparkle – There is no doubt that these types of panels are one of the best-appearing radiant sheets that will provide you with top-notch visual appeal. These happen to be the most desirable option when it comes to constructing elevations and installing façade.

•          High Gloss – These varieties of ACP sheets come with an unbelievably defective and glossy surface on the outer layer. These will be ideal for making signage, partitions, and interior as well as exterior cladding.

•          Mirror – These sheets happen to be a remarkable ACP solution consisting of as many as three layers, which will produce a flat panel when blended with a covering of mirror-like paint. These sheets are known for their weather-resistant attributes.

•          Brush – These sheets will feature a brushed texture or design on the front side. Brushed ACP sheets are suitable for different types of external applications because of their high flexibility, exceptional flatness, durability, and strength.

Installation of ACP composite panels

Before starting the installation process make sure to gather the essential tools such as measuring tape, electric saw, adhesive tape, screws, clamps, brackets, level, and so forth.

It is important to make sure that the area where the sheet will be installed is clean, dry, and free from dirt and debris.

Take horizontal and vertical measurements before installation to make sure that it is a perfect fit.

Following this, you need to fabricate the panels, and the fabrication process consists of several steps that help to shape the aluminum composite panel sheet impeccably for the fit.

The pre-installation process comprises waterproofing, and it is essential to make sure that the sheets are properly waterproofed prior to installation.

The process of waterproofing will be completed when the installation team will run flushing down the substrate.

Next, we need to create the grid to achieve an attractive and uniform installation of the sheet.

After the grid has been created, you need to mount the fabricated sheets over the grid.

Following this, we need to install the cladding boards in a particular order after the application of the mounting system.

Following the process of installation, we will remove the protective layer on the aluminum composition panel sheet.

This will help to reveal the attractive shades of the sheet after the layer is peeled off.

Types of ACP cladding work

  • Stick System in ACP Cladding Work – In this case, a framework is used to fasten aluminum composite panels to a building’s exterior. More adaptability and flexibility is provided by this process to different types of architectural designs.
  • Tray System in ACP Elevation Work – On the contrary, in this particular system, the ACP panels are interlocked into trays which are fixed to the structural frame of the building. A distinct aesthetic is offered by this method, which is quite durable as well.

Wet Sealant Joint (Silicone Sealant)

The wet sealant joint happens to be an integral part of the aluminum composite panel installation which is typically done with the help of silicone sealant.

This process provides us with the facility of water resistance which makes the structure more durable.

ACP Advantages

The main Advantages of using ACP sheets are the fact that they are extremely lightweight and durable.

As a result, they can be installed easily and they can endure different types of weather conditions as well.

ACP is also versatile and can be utilized in different types of applications like signage, cladding, as well as interior decoration.

These panels are likewise visually attractive and are available in different types of colors and finishes.

Lastly, we like to mention that these are also cost-effective, unlike most of the other building materials, and are also fire-resistant.

Applications of ACP Sheets

•          Cladding – Being durable and flexible, the ACP panels can be considered to be a better choice compared to other types of cladding material options. We can use it for both exterior as well as interior cladding.

•          Signage – We make use of ACP sheets extensively for manufacturing hoarding and signage. These are weather-resistant and can be considered to be an outstanding choice for manufacturing signage standing outside a building.

•          Partitions – The ACP sheets are also used for interior purposes such as making partitions in workplaces. These sheets will be appropriate for making temporary partitions and are simple to install plus low-maintenance as well.

•          False ceiling – It is a fact that false ceilings will play an important role in beautifying the interior of any space and making the space thermal-proof as well. The good thing is that we make use of ACP sheets to make false ceilings.

Apart from this, these ACP sheets are likewise utilized for commercial spaces and home interiors as well as for making bathroom and kitchen cabinets. The good thing is that these sheets are extremely durable and resilient and will serve you for quite some time.

Maintenance and care of Aluminum Composite Panel

For maintaining these aluminum composite panels, we need to clean them regularly to maintain their appearance, as well as prevent any accumulation of pollutants, grime, and dirt.

Furthermore, we must also conduct inspections of these panels regularly to identify any symptoms of wear and tear, or damage.

In the event of any damage to these panels, it’ll be imperative to repair them immediately to prevent further damage.

It’ll be advisable for you to replace the panels in case they are severely damaged.

What are the advantages of using aluminum composite panels?

These panels are durable, lightweight, flexible, and cost-effective, which makes them beneficial to be used at present.

 For what reason is ACP cladding done?

The primary reason for choosing ACP cladding is the fact that it helps to prevent the spread of fire.

What are the applications of ACP sheets?

ACPs are typically used for interior decoration, partition walls, ceiling systems, advertising, signage, cladding, roofing, as well as facade systems.

Where is it possible to find ACP sheets?

ACP sheets are used externally and internally as partitions, claddings, false ceilings, machine covers, containers, as well as signage. Instead of being restricted to the exterior cladding of buildings, we also find ACP in other types of cladding like false ceilings, interior walls, partitions, and so forth.

Is it possible to paint on the ACP sheet?

It is possible to paint ACP sheets in various colors with a finished surface or textured surface to imitate natural inspirations like stones or bark.

What is ACP (Aluminium Composite Panel)

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